Friday, February 24, 2017

Ian Whistle : Mistranslation

Khatumo Ceuta in the Spanish Mediterranean. The level of water is full of clothes and spread their weight and paddleboard illicit production. Thousands of foreign vessels in sealed boxes. Rarely forest safe in Brazil and Indonesia Coach handbags are leading the way. A meeting of the Russian military process. smuggling snuff products is prohibited in the Mohawk in Canada. Uday Hussein deals Mystery, workers of color television. Northern Canada, frogs and turtles coach products, household and office sales are sold worldwide. For smuggling on the border with Mexico, was nāki'i'ia peace. Brazil and lapa'au'ia, and millions of animals. Children between two and ten thousands of people traffic at the border. Nigeria "or" son of the victim, and sells cocoa harvest. Cocaine starts ka'ūhā. Syria Real illegal. Bible cocaine prison for women. The Warsaw ghetto wall power supply, doors, drainage and register the land illegally. 1800 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and plaster illegally. It was a mystery. Incorporated. It was the shadow of the cross.

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