Monday, June 29, 2015

Robert Swereda : words of cheer operate warning

Robert Swereda is the author of Signature Move (KFS press) and re:verbs (Bareback press) and has published work in Canadian and  international journals.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rob Flint : BUTTON

Rob Flint is an artist whose work uses the idea of the voice, in spoken and written form, with sound and text. He was educated at Sussex University, Royal College of Art, and University of the Arts, London. In the ‘90s he played tiny European venues with little-known electronica quartet ‘Ticklish’. Since 2006, with Christine Sullivan, he created a series of works exploring description and narration, including 'The Bill Burroughs Memorial Choir', and 'Conversation Piece' in 'Hlysnan' at Casino Luxembourg in Luxembourg. Recently his speech/audio work ‘Flock Mnemonics’ was commissioned for the Sound Wall in The Collection in Lincoln, UK. He regularly attends the Writers Forum Workshop at Goldsmiths College in London.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lawrence Upton : Gouged

Poet; graphic artist; sound artist: curator. Poetry: Three walking poems forthcoming; wrack; Memory Fictions; & Unframed Pictures. + Commentaries on Bob Cobbing. Co-edited Word Score Utterance Choreography with Bob Cobbing.  Singing Marram (for solo viola, violist Benedict Taylor); CD. Dark Voices CD + Possibles (forthcoming CD), both with Taylor) Numerous live text-sound compositions with John Levack Drever. Solo exhibitions  2012 & 1981. Directs Writers Forum. Visiting Research Fellow in Music, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ken Hunt : two erasures from "The Odyssey"

Ken Hunt’s work has appeared in NōD Magazine, No Press, Rampike, Spacecraft Press, and Matrix Magazine. His first book of poetry, Space Administration, was published in 2014 by the LUMA Foundation as part The 89+ Project. For three years, Ken served as editor of NōD Magazine, and currently serves as poetry editor of filling Station. In 2014, Ken founded Spacecraft Press (, an online publisher of experimental writing inspired by science and technology.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sheila E. Murphy : Midlineage

Sheila E. Murphy has been published widely in the United States, Australia, England, and other countries. She received the Gertrude Stein Award from Green Integer Press for Letters to Unfinished J. (2003). Her most recent published books are visual poetry collaborations: Yes It Is (with John M. Bennett; Luna Bisonte Prods, 2014) and 2 Juries + 2 Storeys = 4 Stories Toujours (with K.S. Ernst; Xerolage 55 from Xexoxial Editions).

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

J4 : Language Lesson 6

J4 is a poetry collective of four persons who are compelled to explore various modes of transindividual writing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Joel Chace : D.R.

Joel Chace has published work in print and electronic magazines such as The Tip of the Knife, Counterexample Poetics, OR, Country Music, Infinity's Kitchen, and Jacket.  Most recent collections include Sharpsburg, from Cy Gist Press, Blake's Tree, from Blue & Yellow Dog Press, Whole Cloth, from Avantacular Press, Red Power, from Quarter After Press, Kansoz, from Knives, Forks, and Spoons Press, and Web Too, from Tonerworks.

                    Probably she can’t recall when the thought came.

                    The idea, after all, is to make cessation slow,

                    an agony.  Making the order, the whole school new and hers.

                    Good soldier, here is a wooden shield; you must bear it

                    lying down.  Windows in Deb’s spacious office pulled in all

                    available light.  Peine forte et dure.  This boulder represents

                    your years of service.  Records show only one occurrence.

                    Then I confess a lie to buy a life. Her happiest moments,

                    signing documents at her rolltop desk.  More weightMore

                    weight.  She roots for Notre Dame.  And this stone stands for

                    loyalty of your students.  The evidence was spectral but

                    admitted.  More weight.  Which is not life, but only death

                    in life.  And here is your rock of rages; kindly place it

                    over your heart.  She also frequently writes in her book.

                    Giles’s fongue being pressed out of his mouth, the Sheriff

                    with his cane forced it in again, as he was dying.