Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lawrence Upton : Yell 7 # 9

Poet; graphic artist; sound artist: curator. Poetry: Three walking poems forthcoming; wrack; Memory Fictions; & Unframed Pictures. + Commentaries on Bob Cobbing. Co-edited Word Score Utterance Choreography with Bob Cobbing.  Singing Marram (for solo viola, violist Benedict Taylor); CD. Dark Voices CD + Possibles (forthcoming CD), both with Taylor) Numerous live text-sound compositions with John Levack Drever. Solo exhibitions  2012 & 1981. Directs Writers Forum. Visiting Research Fellow in Music, Goldsmiths, University of London. lawrenceupton.org

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rob Flint : EMPTY

Rob Flint is an artist whose work uses the idea of the voice, in spoken and written form, with sound and text. He was educated at Sussex University, Royal College of Art, and University of the Arts, London. In the ‘90s he played tiny European venues with little-known electronica quartet ‘Ticklish’. Since 2006, with Christine Sullivan, he created a series of works exploring description and narration, including 'The Bill Burroughs Memorial Choir', and 'Conversation Piece' in 'Hlysnan' at Casino Luxembourg in Luxembourg. Recently his speech/audio work ‘Flock Mnemonics’ was commissioned for the Sound Wall in The Collection in Lincoln, UK. He regularly attends the Writers Forum Workshop at Goldsmiths College in London.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

J4 : Like Skeletons 6

J4 is a poetry collective of four persons who are compelled to explore various modes of transindividual writing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gary Barwin : untitled

Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, multimedia artist, and the author of 18 books of poetry and fiction as well as books for kids. His most recent books are the short fiction collection, I, Dr Greenblatt, Orthodontist, 251-1457 (Anvil), the poetry collection, Moon Baboon Canoe, and the visual poetry collection, The Wild and Unfathomable Always. Forthcoming books, Sonosyntactics: Selected and New Poetry of Paul Dutton, due later this summer from Laurier University Press, and Yiddish for Pirates, a novel coming out next year from Random House. Barwin was the 2014-2015 Writer-in-Residence at Western University and teaches creative writing at King’s University College. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario and at garybarwin.com

Friday, July 10, 2015

Eileen R. Tabios : The Outsider’s Dilemma

Eileen R. Tabios loves books and has released about 30 collections of poetry, essays, fiction and experimental biographies from publishers in nine countries and cyberspace. Her poems have been translated into seven languages as well as computer-generated hybrid languages, Paintings, Video, Drawings, Visual Poetry, Mixed Media Collages, Kali Martial Arts, Music, Modern Dance and Sculpture.  These images comprise her series “The Outsider’s Dilemma“ and are asemics she’s written with her white hair; she describes their conceptualization in her essay, “The Mortality Asemics“ for Queen Mob’s Teahouse (http://queenmobs.com/2015/05/misfit-docs-the-mortality-asemics/).  Forthcoming this year will be INVENT(ST)ORY, a Selected List Poem covering 1996-2015. More information is available at http://eileenrtabios.com

Monday, July 6, 2015

Amanda Earl : Chapters 2-6 of Genesis from "The Bible, A Vispo Adaptation"

Amanda Earl's visual poetry has been exhibited in Russia and Canada, has been published in Fantagraphics' The Last Vispo Anthology. Her visual poetry chapbook Of the Body was published by Kingston's Puddle of Sky Press. A Fieldguide for Fanciful Bugs was published on line by avantacular press. Snippets & excerpts of her visual poetry have appeared on line at DrunkenBoat.com, The Volta, Tip of the Knife & UnlikelyStories.Org. Gary Barwin gave a lovely write up of Earl's visual poetry over on Jacket2.  For more vispo, please visit EleanorIncognito.blogspot.ca

Friday, July 3, 2015

Natalie Lauchlan : 2 ár 2 mánuðir

Natalie Lauchlan is a Calgary-based emerging artist. She received her BFA in Craft and Emerging Media from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2014. Through the connection with space, the connections of words, the connection with self; her work exists both in the present and in the past, a reflection inwards to oneself and a projection outwards to the world, a cooperation between cyclical and stagnant, between time and memory.