Sunday, May 8, 2016

Stanford Cheung : 2 poems from Metal Conch

Stanford Cheung is a musician and poet from Toronto. He is the author of the chapbook Any Seam or Needlework (The Operating System, 2016). His work appears in The Nomadic Journal, Experimental- Ex Literature, Zoomoozophone Review, and elsewhere.

1. Finch&Borealis

When I return home
  free once again
        on and towards an onset
the sound of bathing crows
                  a screaming thimble
           lodged in my mouth
         the evergreen words sewn
        before jokes exist
 not even the hand that writes will laugh
           at the airstrikes
                             your worries
                                             head first
                    a barrage of tapestry
                       shot through the shirt’s archway
                for imprisonment
that is the art of shouldering
           single hand on my thumb

      a quick brush
a begrudge
                still standing


2. Cry Faith

/wilderness lake/ horns reverb
                          1km to d  r   o    w      n      I       n         g
                   water/ down/
//blame those foresters//
                   Only greed that rhymes

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